Author: Alice Bloor

Coronavirus – Facing the challenge together

Author: Alice Bloor   |   Date: 18th March 2020

During the current global crisis of Coronavirus – COVID 19, we want to ensure that you feel confident that we are doing all we can to manage our systems and solutions that we provide to you.

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Four ways to ensure your speaker makes a connection

Author: Alice Bloor   |   Date: 6th August 2019

At many events, one of the features and selling points for attendees are the speakers; therefore, you need to ensure that your speaker makes the best possible connection with the audience.

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Projecting yourself

Author: Alice Bloor   |   Date: 2nd May 2019

What does the term projection mean to you, and where did you first experience it?

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Building community spirit

Author: Alice Bloor   |   Date: 25th March 2019

designed. event production work with a broad range of clients across a variety of events, from large to small, from corporate to charities.

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Event Trends for 2019

Author: Alice Bloor   |   Date: 19th March 2019

You might consider that it is too late in the year for looking at the trends for the year, but the very nature of trends means that they are continually developing and changing.

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20 years and counting

Author: Alice Bloor   |   Date: 6th March 2019

We’ve received some great news this week from one of our longest standing clients.
designed. event production just been confirmed as the AV Production Team for the Police Superintendents’ Association annual conference for the next three years, 2019 to 2021.

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How to use Gamification at your event

Author: Alice Bloor   |   Date: 26th November 2018

Gamification is one of ‘those’ words, a buzzword used around events that can make you feel like you are missing something, but you don’t really understand how it is going to work for you.

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Engaging your audience

Author: Alice Bloor   |   Date: 17th September 2018

When planning your event ‘engagement’ is a key element to consider, it should be one of the driving points for you and your team because without engagement you don’t have an event!

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How to find the best venue for your event

Author: Alice Bloor   |   Date: 26th March 2018

A new event brief is handed to you; you need to find a venue that will both accommodate and enhance your event. Where to start?

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don’t forget to spend your old £10 notes!

Author: Alice Bloor   |   Date: 26th February 2018

Do you still have old style £10 notes? You need to spend them by midnight, 28th February. The new notes have taken some getting used to. We got an early chance to see them at their launch event at Winchester Cathedral.

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