Hybrid Events

Blend live and online experiences that transcend boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide. 

At Designed. Event Production, we mix our live event know-how with innovative virtual tools to craft hybrid experiences that spark engagement, ignite ideas, and leave a lasting impact.

Imagine a seamlessly integrated event where your live audience connects with a broader online community, fostering interaction between on-site attendees and remote speakers. Our hybrid events break down barriers, connecting audiences near and far in a more engaging experience than ever before.

We will build a stunning stage designed for both the physical and virtual attendees, deliver crystal-clear audio and visuals that bridge distances, and provide an intuitive platform that fosters seamless interaction. Your team, audience, and partners will connect, collaborate, and celebrate like never before – no matter where they are.

Together, let’s create an event that transcends borders, fuels connections, and leaves everyone excited, engaged and motivated.

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Preparing to launch your hybrid event

Working with us on a Hybrid Event has two key pre-production elements, the live event, and the set-up for the portal for running the virtual part and feeding the live event into this.

Our live event production team will work with you to create your set, stage, and lighting, keeping in mind how this will translate visually for the online audience.

We will consider how we can maximise the connection between the live event and remote contributors, for example, creating virtual backgrounds for the remote speakers, so they appear to blend in with the live event.

Throughout the pre-production process, we will work with you, take your feedback and develop the event solution to deliver your event best.

Depending on the size and style of your stage, we can host a discussion session with multiple contributors at the live event, and add up to eight remote participants. With not all your speakers at the live event, we will still have full communication channels open to all contributors using our virtual ‘green room’. With rehearsal time for all people taking part, we can ensure that this works seamlessly and enable them to feel confident with this new way of delivering content.

All your speakers remotely accessing the event have the trust in, and security, of having the online green room where they can liaise with our technicians, their colleagues, giving them the confidence in the content they will deliver.

During rehearsals, they can check their Powerpoint, Keynote or Google Slides they will be sharing during the event. We complete everything you would do at a regular event but remotely in whatever location your speakers find themselves.

As with any event we work on, we can prepare video and other digital content and ensure that it is ready to run at the right time during the event.

All speakers would receive high levels of pre-production support, rehearsal time, and production and content support; we can also make recommendations for remote speakers on how to get the best visual experience for them and the audience.

Your designed digital hybrid event

With the event in progress, the experience a Hybrid event produces will feel different from other online or remote events. It could feel like two events bolted together, but with the pre-production work completed, the event will flow naturally as one.

Controlling the live event aspect our production team will feed into the streamed event while managing the remote speakers. We will ensure that the sound and visual quality are as high as possible, and to maintain social distancing, we will use our remote camera heads at the live event, as used by national broadcasters. We can also add in roving camera crew if the set is large enough, and they will always be Covid compliant, leaving space and wearing masks where appropriate.

The contributors at the live event will be able to communicate as at a regular event with their colleagues on stage and bring in remote speakers. They can interact with the live audience, and interact with the online audience if this is required.

During the event, we manage both the live content and all the remote elements. Using our systems, we can have up to eight participants on screen together at the same time, including the feed from the live event. We ensure that the flow of communication is smooth for all participants using the green room.

Your remote speakers wait in the green room until they take part in the delivery of their content. In the green room, they can see and hear everything the audience experiences.

Making the connection for your live and virtual audience

For your live audience, it gives them a chance take part in an event, and for the online audience, it provides them involvement without being in the room and provides access to all of the information they would otherwise miss. With the mix of a live event and online contributors, the communication flow from the event to your audience will be dynamic, engaging and stimulating.

Running the whole event from a live event adds a new dynamic. Depending on your event and the type of audience you are reaching out to, we can make the online stream either private or public. We can host with secure login pages, or we can stream the whole event to YouTube, Facebook, or your preferred outlet. With the flexibility to handle an audience of 10 through to 1000s, we cover every sort of event.

We can supply a helpdesk to answer calls or live chat for audience needing help to login to secure hosted pages.

With a Hybrid event, we can produce the level of interaction that best meets your requirements and the needs of your audience.

We can supply a dedicated crew technician, managing both the live and online audience. We can manage polls or asking direct questions via our portal. We can run Q&A sessions with private questions asked and respond to, or we can open it up so everyone can see the questions asked – whatever best suits your event and audience.

We can also create accessibility for all your audience, for example, providing translation and subtitles if required.

Your Hybrid Events checklist

The designed digital event solution for your hybrid event

Creating a Hybrid Event is a challenge that everyone at designed digital events loves, mixing traditional events, with new and exciting technology, giving you the flexibility to reach a bigger audience, while speaking to an audience in front of you. If you’d like to find out more please email us via our contact page or call us on 01962 870408.

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