Livestreaming Events

Our award-winning livestreaming solution will transform your live event from the 'people in the room' experience to a globally viewed event.

Designed digital events have been producing livestreamed events for many years, and have streamed from venues and locations across the UK and Europe.

Livestreaming or webcasting traditionally could enable you to reach a broader, more diverse audience, but within the ‘new’ normal, it could be the primary way you reach a live audience.

As with a Hybrid Event, livestreaming takes our live event production experience and mixes it with our video technical expertise and enables us to be able to produce a solution that best fits your needs.

Creating a livestreamed event gives you the flexibility of a simpler online event, with information flowing from your event to the viewer. It could run from one or multiple locations, the main difference to our other event solutions that it delivers a single direction channel of information. The audience cannot ask questions or interact directly with the event contributors. If you need this option, a Hybrid event might provide a better solution.

Planning your livestreaming event

Creating a livestreamed solution takes key elements from our other solutions, Virtual and Hybrid, but delivers the content differently. The delivery process of the event makes different demands on our pre-production planning and process.

You could have your presenter and speakers on location, interacting as if it was a traditional event with social distancing, and delivering their content directly to the audience, with no feedback needed; for example, a company announcement.

Our live event production team will work with you to plan your lighting and organise sound while keeping in mind how this will translate visually for your remote audience.

Your contributors can have planned rehearsal time, use comfort monitors and autocue, whatever will make their presentation easier to deliver. We can also create a stage and set with integrated screens or video walls if they want to make a presentation with which they will interact.

We can also add in remote speakers, and, as with our other events, they can communicate and rehearse via our virtual ‘green room’.

During rehearsals for remote speakers, we will test their home or office set-up and help them maximise their sound and lighting. We will always try to enable them to feel confident with this new way of delivering content.

We complete everything you would do at a regular event but remotely.

We can also prepare video and other digital content and ensure that it is ready to run at the right time during the event.

All contributors would receive high levels of pre-production support, rehearsal time, and production and content support.

Livestreaming your event

With the event in progress, it will feel free-flowing, and not unusual to other livestreamed events that the audience will have experienced previously.

Our technical team running the event can manage the filming without breaking social distancing guidance. We use our remote camera heads at the live event, as used by national broadcasters, so we can remotely operate everything without having to interact directly with the contributors. We can also use roving camera crew if required, and they will always be Covid compliant, leaving space and wearing masks where appropriate.

The contributors at the live event will be able to communicate as at a regular event with their colleagues on stage and bring in remote speakers.
We ensure that the flow of communication is smooth for all participants using the green room.

Your remote speakers wait in the green room until they take part in the delivery of their content. They can see and hear everything the audience experiences.

Connecting with Livestreaming

For your audience, it gives them a much more televisual experience; they will receive the one direct channel of information and digest it as that.

Depending on your event and the type of audience you are reaching out to, we can make the online stream either private or public. We can host with secure login pages, or we can stream the whole event to YouTube, Facebook, or your preferred outlet. With the flexibility to handle an audience of 10 through to 1000s, we cover every sort of event.

If you are running the livestream as a private and secure event, we can supply a helpdesk to answer calls or live chat for audience needing help to log in.

By delivering an event in this manner, we enable a higher level of accessibility with your audience being able to access the content in the way that best suits them, rather than having to attend a physical event.

We can also add extra accessibility elements, for example, providing translation and subtitles if required.

Your Livestreaming checklist

The designed digital event solution for your live streaming event

With our years of experience creating livestreaming events, we can enable you to reach a broader and more diverse audience. Speaking directly to your chosen audience using livestreaming is efficient and cost-effective if you’d like to find out more please email us via our contact page or call us on 01962 870408.

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