Virtual Events

Our virtual events give you produced content with live video presentation, mixed from remote sources, and delivered to your audience online, in the style of a live event.

With designed digital events, you know you are in safe hands for the smooth delivery of your virtual events. Using our event production experience with our expertise in video production, streaming and dedicated team, we can take your ideas and supply a fully managed virtual event solution for you, your team and your partners globally.

As with any event, your Virtual Event can be whatever you need it to be, and we can build it to work for you. It can take everything you would expect of a ‘live’ event and deliver it as an online experience. The presenter, speakers and audience take part without leaving the comfort of their home or office, and access all content remotely.

Preparing your virtual event

As with any event we produce, you receive high levels of pre-production support.

The support we supply to you can depend on your event and how you want to deliver your content.

We like to start with what you want your audience to experience. We can help with creating content, from on-screen graphics, templates and pre-prepared videos. The content that you are delivering to your audience will define how we manage your virtual event.

If you want to use gamification, or interaction through the use of Slido, we can build that, and manage it for you, so you don’t have to worry about it while the event is taking place.

Or if you are delivering key messaging via Powerpoint or video content, we can ensure that it will smoothly transition during the event.

How we work with you on the virtual event now is no different to how we create a live event, our team are here to support you to ensure the success of your event.

We recommend rehearsal time for all events, speakers and presenters who can be lead through the process of the virtual event, complete sound checks, and if required, be advised on how to get the best visual experience for them and the audience.

Part of this is to also experience the virtual ‘green room’ online environment for the presenter and speakers. Within this area, they can chat with our crew, other speakers, giving them confidence in how they will deliver their content. We understand when you are speaking ‘virtually’ that it is a different experience, and we can help you and your team prepare for this.

During this, they can also rehearse and check their content that they will be sharing; we aim to make it as easy, or more comfortable than walking onto a stage, to speak to your audience.

Your designed digital virtual event

Once your event is in progress, we manage the content and communication flow as we would usually. In fact, the main difference that your audience will experience is that they are not sitting in a location with hundreds of other people. The flow of information, the clarity of sound and interaction will be as good if not better than a live event.

We can have up to eight participants on screen together at the same time, which is probably more than most you would experience on stage at a live event; however, if you need more, we can create this for you too.

Your presenters and speakers wait in the green room until they take over the delivery of the event. They can see and hear everything the audience experiences, so at no point would they feel unsure of what is going on, and when they are due to start.

While you are presenting it is the same as if you are standing at a lectern on stage, you can see what is on ‘screen’ for the audience, what is coming up next, and your notes. You can have a countdown clock too so that you won’t run over your allotted time.

A member of our crew is always with you in the green room for last-second preparation and adjustments.


Keeping in touch with your audience

Your audience is so important to you and us; we understand that the way that you communicate with them is crucial, and this is why we offer the solutions we have. We want them to see you and your content at its best. Your audience experience is where you see the true value of the services and support we provide.

Depending on your audience, and if the event is public or private, it can be hosted by us, with a secure login page, or we can stream the event to YouTube, Facebook, or your preferred outlet. We have the flexibility to handle an audience of 10 through to 1000s.

We can tailor event interaction to fit your audience and their needs.

We can manage your Slido polls or ask direct questions via our portal. We can run Q&A sessions with private questions asked and responded to, or we can open it up so everyone can see the questions asked, whatever best suits your event and audience. By having a dedicated crew technician, we take the stress away from you and allow you to concentrate on the event. We can also have a helpdesk set-up to answer calls or live chat for audience needing help to login to secure hosted pages.

We can also help you ensure accessibility for all your audience, for example, by providing consistent sound quality, and translation and subtitles if required.

Your Virtual Event checklist

The designed digital event solution for your virtual event

By choosing designed digital events run your event, you will have complete confidence in our solution and that your team, participants and audience will experience an enhanced virtual experience, if you’d like to find out more please email us via our contact page or call us on 01962 870408.

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