Event Branding, Sets and Backdrops

We Design, Build and Deliver Event Branding Solutions

We deliver a comprehensive all Inclusive 360 service specifically to your brief.  Whatever your event you will have a message to deliver in the form of image, brand or KV, (key visual).  We believe that creativity and sustainability can coexist using a customisable set design which enables our clients to express their brand identity with the best standards.

designed event production offers a fresh approach to event branding and set design for all sorts of events including:

  • Reception desk surrounds
  • Lobby branding totems with or without digital screen installation.
  • Small to large exhibition displays and stands.
  • Event point of sale branding
  • Presentation back drop
  • Press conference/ product launch.
  • Stage sets and projection screen surrounds.
  • Directional signage and event branding.


Introducing Sustainable and Versatile Event Solutions

With our innovative modular solution, we’ve revolutionised the way our events are staged. Say goodbye to heavy timber frames and hello to our lightweight, expandable frame system that bolts together seamlessly. This ingenious design not only creates strong and solid structures but also allows for easy adaptation to any scale or venue.

Our system is built around the highly engineered and trademarked ‘beMatrix’ systems, which are not only reusable but also more efficient to assemble and disassemble. Imagine the convenience of setting up and breaking down your event backdrops and sets with ease, saving you time and effort.

When it comes to visuals, the options are limitless.  We can bring any design to life on sleek, custom-printed sleeves with a lightning-fast turnaround time of just five days from artwork approval, ensuring that your event will be a visual masterpiece.

At designed event production, we believe in combining sustainability, versatility, and creativity to deliver unforgettable experiences. Let our experienced production managers transform your next event into a stunning and eco-friendly spectacle that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

The process is simple, it starts with a call.

Why choose designed event production for your stage tech event hire?

We’ll take time to understand what you want to achieve and the space you have to work with before recommending a corporate event stage hire solution.

We will supply 3D renderings to ensure we work with you to bring your vision to life. See below examples in the gallery below.

Our packages and solutions are listed below.

Why We Choose beMatrix for Exceptional Event Experiences

At designed event production, we take pride in delivering exceptional experiences that not only captivate our clients but also prioritise sustainability, and production value. This is why we have carefully selected the beMatrix system as our go-to solution for event backdrops, branding, and set design.

The beMatrix frame system is a true game-changer in the industry, crafted from lightweight aluminium, these frames are not only easier to transport and assemble than traditional timber or steel systems but also provide sharp, crease-free lines at any scale, ensuring your brand is consistently represented at its best.  One of the key advantages of the beMatrix system is the use of stretch fabric for printing. This fabric is not only reusable over multiple events but also recyclable when it reaches the end of its lifespan. Additionally, we use water-based inks with safe and appropriate chemical formulas, further enhancing the eco-friendly nature of our printing process.

Enhancing Event Spaces with Draping and Star Cloth

While the stage or presentation area is undoubtedly the focal point of any event, we understand that not all venues provide a clean, blank canvas for setup. In today’s social media-driven world, where countless images of your event may be shared, it’s crucial to ensure that your brand and key visuals are the centre of attention.

We offer expert installation of event draping and LED star cloth solutions. By strategically draping off event spaces, we can create a stronger focal point, conceal catering areas, tech crews, flight cases, dressing rooms, and product storage, giving you complete control over your audience’s visual experience.

We have a large stock and experts at installation of all forms of drape and LED star cloth that be suspended from rigging points or hung from floor standing bases and poles.

If you need to dress your event space, add the right amount of branding and build the sense of event and get more form your venue, call us to chat through your needs and let us design and quote options for you to select in confidence.

All prices are for a 24 hour hire period and subject to vat

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