Set & Stage Hire

Give your speakers the best stage to present from, with different height and sized stage decks, through to drapes, lecterns and furniture, we set the scene

As an experienced AV production company, designed event productions knows more than a thing or two about the importance of setting the stage – quite literally. Having worked with clients large and small, across all manner of events from large corporate awards dinners and product launches, to fashion shows and special occasions, across the UK and Europe, we consider ourselves second to none when it comes to bringing a vision to life and creating an event that is memorable for all the right reasons.

We know that you may not always need our full staging and set design service. But we also appreciate that adding a stage into say a village hall, will completely transform the atmosphere and venue functionality. With the addition of a stage, you now have a place where local theatre groups can perform their latest production. A venue that can be used for community prizes for example.

Likewise, in a hotel meeting or conference room, adding a stage or lectern at the front of the room lets guests and delegates know exactly what to expect, where to look and what format and interaction will be deployed. This is the power of staging and just one reason why our event stage hire packages are in high demand.

Why choose designed event production for your stage tech event hire?

Using staging carefully will create space, height and atmosphere. Our experienced team can offer you best-in-industry advise and suggest a suitable corporate stage hire package for your event. We’ll take time to understand what you want to achieve and the space you have to work with before recommending a corporate event stage hire solution.

We can also supply relevant accessories such as star cloth drapes for a fantastical effect, stage furniture and other stage and set items.

Our packages and solutions are listed below. This is just a sample of our wide variety of stage and set solutions, so get in touch if you can’t see what you need below.

Stage Package 1

Package Cost : £150.00
  • 4x 2m x 1m StageDex, Carpet, Stage Trim and Steps
  • (not full set shown here)

Stage Package 2

Package Cost : £145.00
  • 4m x 2.25m Widescreen Format Projection Screen

Rear and Projection Surface, 2.5m, 3.25m and 5m widths also available, please ask our team for more information

Stage Package 3

Package Cost : £90.00
  • Executive Lectern and water table

Stage Package 4

Package cost : £250.00
  • LED Star Cloth 6m x 3.6m, Controller and Height Adjustable Support system

Stage Furniture

Furniture available includes;

  • Stools
  • Coffee Tables
  • Tub Chair
  • Leaflet Holders

ask for more information


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