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Engage your audience, drive your event forward with feedback in real-time, by using our audience response system is the perfect event engagement solution

Your conference is coming up, and you want your audience to feel engaged and involved rather than simply sitting, listening and watching speakers on stage. Q&As can be difficult to control. The answer lies with a voting system. Using audience response systems is controlled and efficient and enables guests to interact with the event and potentially drive it forward.

By using our audience response systems or voting systems at your event, you can collect information and opinions from your audience as well as improving levels of engagement.

If you’re planning your next event and are looking to make a better connection with your audience, contact us to find out more about which audience response system would best meet your needs and discover why we’re one of the UK’s leading event production companies.

Voting systems, feedback and real-time information

At designed event production, we offer two types of audience response systems, each designed to increase audience engagement, gather information and collate opinion from your attendees.

Our preferred interactive keypads systems, Ombea, can be supplied as either an add on to your event or as part of the complete package that we supply.

The Ombea audience response system is simple for your attendees to understand and use and is not reliant on Wi-Fi connection as it runs via a dedicated radio frequency that we maintain for you on the day. For your guests, it is as simple as picking up the keypad and making their selection. No set-up or training is required by the end-user; simply pick up and make your selection.

The system works seamlessly with PowerPoint and melds seamlessly with the rest of the content you will be producing for your event. You can capture and display the voting data instantly to your audience. You also have the option to track information from users or make the voting anonymous, whatever suits your event best.

Rather than simply supply the audience response system equipment, we can provide a complete service. We’ll work closely with you to design your questions and slides for the presentation, ensure that they are on brand and fit within the rest of your content. Our project manager will work with you throughout the entire process, beginning with your initial enquiry and continuing throughout. We’ll ensure that your questions will work well with the keypad system and if we see questions that are too vague, or could be misinterpreted, we will advise you and make recommendations for more suitable alternatives.

After the event, we will provide you will a full report of the keypad results, along with analysis which enables you to dissect and inspect the results in full.

We also can provide online polling and messaging solutions that can be used on attendee’s smartphones, tablets or laptops via an app.

All audience response systems have full pre-production support and onsite technical support to ensure the smooth running of the event. Our team is always happy to discuss the best solution for you and your event. Contact us to find out more.

The designed event production difference

Our team will take your ideas and issues, then develop creative and practical solutions. With over 35 years working in contemporary event production, we’re known to be an experienced audience participation equipment company. Our team fuses first-hand experience with a creative and curious approach to every job, whatever its size, shape or type. In addition to our voting system prowess, we can handle every aspect of your AV needs, from event planning and production as you begin your project right through to event PA hire and live event video production on the day itself.

We want to enhance yours and your attendees’ event experience, and by embracing new technologies to work alongside established brands, we deliver AV solutions that are second to none. We only use premium audience participation, sound, lighting and AV equipment, from manufacturers we know and trust, but continue to seek out new technologies and developments to elevate our audiovisual capabilities, regardless of your event size or style.

We can and will recommend solutions that you may not have thought possible or considered, our knowledge and experience will enable you to have the confidence to develop your event and your level of expectation.

Event audio hire and other event production services

designed event production’s full-service AV event production encompasses a wide range of specialist solutions, perfect for any size or style of event. Our event production services team will work with you at every stage and can advise on all aspects of your AV requirements including equipment hire.

Sound design and production

For your event, whatever your key speakers are discussing and looking for feedback on, the sound production and reinforcement services that we supply will make it clear and defined for your whole audience. We will also ensure that the sound stays constant from musical interludes through to your CEO giving their closing speech. Our large hire department can provide all manner of sound equipment – your project manager can advise on suitable options or contact us to find out more.

Stage, atmospheric and practical lighting

Our lighting design and production services give you everything you need to create the right ambience on stage and throughout the venue. When you ask your audience to vote using the provided voting system we can raise the lighting for their ease of use, and take the lighting back down for the big reveal on stage, whatever suits your event best. We offer lighting design for stage and venue, on-brand lighting and a host of ancillary services such as rigging, control desks and lighting hire, all with our highly skilled AV technician and managers.

Displaying a clear view

When your results come in, you want your audience to be able to see clearly what they’ve voted for. Whatever the size and type of venue your event is taking place in, we have a display and video projector that will suit the location and layout. We’ll also take into consideration any blind spots and make all your attendees feel part of the event. As with all our services, designed event production display options are available throughout the UK and Europe.

Livestreaming and relaying your event

Wherever you are, and whatever the size and nature of your event, designed event production can provide live event filming and livestreaming along with post-production editing of your event. Using video to connect with people unable to attend, and reach out to potential guests for following events using footage recorded at the event.

On-screen content production and feedback to complement your audience response system

On-screen content is a key feature for events using audience response systems, we can work with you to ensure that all the content is on-brand, within the theme for the event and is clear and able to be easily seen and understood by your audience. We can add in video clips, and if required we can include audience reaction shots as results are announced, whatever best suits your events and audience.

Video production for your event

With our in house video production service, we can provide different options for how you present yourselves to your audience, from pre-recorded presentations to infographics explaining different voting options. We can make your presentation more dynamic, ease the pressure on your speakers and enable people who would be unable to take part on the day take part either by livestreaming from their location to the event or by producing a video of them prior to the event. We have our own studio facilities on-site, plus edit suites, and a full range of cutting edge technology to support our creative ideas and vision.

Staging your event, and sitting comfortably

Not only are we able to design and build your set and stage, including screens for projections, we also consider what you will be doing on stage, the number of people who will be on stage at any one time, if you will have a panel of guests or a single speaker. We can create the best layout within the space you have for seating, lecterns, comfort monitors and any other stage furniture you require for your event. Please ask your projection manager for more information on what would suit your event best.

To find out more about our audience response systems and engaging designed event production for your next event, please contact us.

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