Create a captivating conference that soars with success. 

Tired of the same old AV setup? Ditch the conventional conference. The Designed. Event Production team creates crystal-clear sound, eye-catching visuals, and interactive experiences that’ll have your conference guests glued to their seats.

From local meetings to global events hosting over 1,000 attendees, we redefine conference solutions with an unwavering commitment to success. Our full-service AV production solutions, extensive equipment options, and creative project management expertise make us adept at managing the intricacies of conference planning.

How does it work? 

With over 115 years of AV experience, we have honed our production process to a tee. From initial planning and event delivery to post-event management, we will take the time to understand every aspect of your event to the smallest detail, facilitating all your conference production needs with steadfast dedication.

What do you get? 

  • Seamless AV production – from a highly experienced and easy-to-work-with production team.
  • A dedicated project manager – your single point of contact, ensuring every detail is understood and facilitated.
  • Unwavering commitment to deliver – your success is our success; we’re highly invested in making your conference successful and impactful.

With our in-house design facilities, we can work together to make your conference a unique success, with every AV element designed to effectively showcase your brand and make a lasting impression on delegates.

Discover our conference production company services

Ultra wide screen projection

An essential for any conference, find out about our ultra-widescreen projection and display solutions. Create an impact, and make it easy for your attendees to feel involved.

Sound equipment

Our experience with sound reinforcement plus our off the shelf kit enables us to create the perfect ambience with our sound equipment for your conference.

Live video feeds

Live stream your conference for your website, guests unable to attend, media or key stakeholders for your brand with our live video feeds and event filming services.

Customised stage sets

Whatever the theme of your conference, our customised stage sets, stage hire and stage design has you covered.

Audience interaction and voting

Encourage delegate participation, conduct polls and generate your own research data with our audience interaction and voting systems for conferences of any size, across UK and Europe.

Stage and ambient lighting

Bring your conference to life and give keynote speakers the visibility they need with our stage and ambient lighting production for conferences.

Customised lecterns

Reinforce your brand image and conference messages with customised lecterns for keynote speakers and conference presenters.

Comfort monitors

Make sure your presenters never miss a miss with comfort monitors, available for all conferences and events across Europe.

Speaker preview solutions

Give your speakers the support and preparation they need with customised speaker preview solutions.

Presenter cue light systems

Ensure your conference runs seamlessly with our presenter cue light systems – just one of the little details that make us one of the most in-demand conference and event planning companies in the UK.

Get in touch to see how our dependable, professional and highly experienced conference planning team can help ensure your event is both seamless and memorable, whatever its size and wherever it’s taking place in Europe.

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