PA & Lighting for your party

Choosing the right lighting and PA for your party or special event can transform the experience of your guests, creating memories that will last forever

When you are organising an event, you have many considerations to make and we understand that sometimes that includes deciding if you can get by without using either professional PA or lights. You may even be wondering whether or not you really need a technician to run the equipment you choose to hire.

We know that not all projects require a truckload of equipment, plus two technicians to set-up and run the systems but, there’s no denying the impact proper lighting and PA systems can have on your event. We offer smaller packages of party PA hire and appropriate sound systems, plus party lights hire kits to help you create the perfect environment for your event, on a budget.

Our ethos is that we do not oversell to any of our clients, however large or small. Whether you are planning a fashion show for hundreds or an intimate birthday party for your closest friends and family, we listen to your requirements and will offer you a series of solutions suitable for a range of budgets. designed event production’s focus is on ensuring that you get the right AV solution for your event- whether that means enabling clear sound for a presentation to 50 people in a village hall to lighting a wedding party in a marquee for 200 disco dancing guests.

Choosing your event lighting and party PA hire

Before recommending a suitable event lighting solution or party PA hire package, we’ll take time to review your brief and plans for your event. We can then recommend the best solution, this will often include demonstrating the party lighting hire or party PA package, to confirm it’s the right solution for you.
We always show you how to set-up and use the equipment if you are going to be dry hiring lighting or PA systems for your party. For larger events, we can come and set-up the equipment, show you how it works in situ and then leaves you to operate it during the event.
With a large selection of PAs for hire, we can fill venues and rooms with sound for both after-dinner speeches and large wedding parties. We work with many venues and can often make recommendations based on our knowledge and understanding of your space.
If you are hiring a venue that we don’t have experience of and depending on the size and location of that venue, we can assist you with a site visit. This means you’ll receive expert guidance in the way of informed recommendations and solutions for party lighting hire and party PA hire packages that are most likely to fit both your needs and the venue’s requirements.
It may seem simple to plug in a PA and start, but we know that with a little bit of time and help from us when you collect your equipment, you’ll have the confidence needed to make the most of the equipment you hire from us. We also know that not all our packages will suit all people, so we can adjust elements to make it easier for you to use and make the most of equipment and the space in which you are using it.

Party Lighting Hire Packages

Our party lighting hire packages include a wide selection of lights, from uplighters to effect lights, and simple whole systems that do everything for you. You can see a video example of one of our party lighting hire kits in action here.

Party PA packages and sound solutions

Our sound packages include a range of PA sizes, plus wireless systems which are especially useful in environments where wired systems would cause tripping hazards or are simply impractical.

If you would like to find out more about our party lighting hire or party PA hire options, please visit our hire page or contact us.

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