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at designed. event production we deliver product launch expertise from concept to completion, creating a unique experience for your event whatever the size

If you have a new product, service or brand to launch, and a date in your diary for your event, it’s time to call in the event production experts. You need product launch AV event design experts who can take your creative flair and bring your vision and concept to life.

By choosing designed event production to act as your event production and technical AV production partner, you’re guaranteed complete peace of mind thanks to superb project management by an experienced team, cutting-edge thinking and the very latest in AV technology.

We take pride in working with you to manage the event production from concept to completion, working with you every step of the way. We’ll not only help you set the scene and create the right atmosphere for the product launch, but we’ll also do so with a firm understanding of your budget and your brand values. Not only will you get all our technical experience, and you will also get our years of providing creative solutions too.

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As a seasoned AV event production company, we bring together a range of different services, including:

Sound reinforcement to bring your event to life

Great sound is critical to creating the right atmosphere at your event. Whatever the size and style of your product launch, our sound reinforcement expertise allow us to tailor the sound to seamlessly match your event.

We can provide complete sound reinforcement and management systems for your event – from simple on-stage interviews, presentations, Q&As with multi audience microphones to PAs for any size location. We also create support for live music producing seamless audio experiences.

Our technical sound expertise for your product launch event encompasses:

PA Systems
Multi-Microphone systems
Wireless systems, both PA and microphones
Mixing across multiple rooms and environments

Our service transcends the technical operation and equipment selection. We work with you to develop an experience for all your guests. From walk-on themes to presentation music, background ambience to live music, our team will design the perfect audio complement to your launch.

Our project managers and technicians work organically within the production itself to deliver seamless audio during the event. Our audio set-ups blend into the background of the event, helping to maintain the overall feel of the event and create a professional atmosphere. We ensure continuity and even flow of sound throughout.

For a small-scale product launch event, we will create an intimate experience designed to draw in your audience and hold their attention through subtle and understated soundscapes.

At larger events, part of our sound design and production includes working with you to develop a spectacle that will wow your audience whilst keeping your product firmly in the spotlight.

Our project managers and AV technicians have decades of experience delivering audio excellence for events large and small. Your dedicated project manager will help you create the ideal launch event with expert guidance throughout the event planning process and the event itself.

Expert event lighting to bring your launch to life

Working in combination with the event sound design and stage and set building requirements, our lighting design and production services are key to bringing your product launch to life by creating the desired atmosphere and heightening your audience’s responses.

Our technical and creative lighting expertise includes:

Fully rigged systems
Wireless systems for smaller events

From low key uplighting around the edge of the venue or key points that need to be highlighted, through to a full lighting rig with a wide selection of lighting types and effects to maximize your event, you’ll have full creative freedom and expert guidance and support from our lighting team.

Your dedicated designed event project manager will take your launch guidelines and branding and work closely with you to devise a lighting package that will both enhance and reinforce your messaging. We also work closely with your venue to ensure that all health and safety regulations are met. As you’d expect, we practice safety first with our lighting engineers. We always devise the best solution for your launch event and give you the dynamic or subtle effects that you need.

Event stage and set design to make your launch pop

When the moment comes to officially launch your product, you need everyone to be able to see you and your product at the moment of unveiling. When the moment arrives for you to deliver your launch, our stage and set design help you and your creation to shine during its moment in the spotlight.

We can provide the complete stage and set design and build, with options ranging from a small stage and lectern right through to a catwalk stage that leads out into your audience with cutting-edge set design including high-tech LED video walls. Whatever the size and scope of your launch, we’ll work collaboratively with you to realise your staging needs.

Our technical skill set includes:

Stage building, with ramps and steps
Set design and build
Integrated screens, from large scale front or rear projection to LED walls

We work seamlessly to ensure that the movement between the stage, set and the audience is clear and defined, or more naturalistic depending on your requirements. Our staging is safe, secure and you can always feel confident that our work is carried out to the highest health and safety standards.

At smaller events, we can have a simple stage, backdrop and plinths to showcase your products, so everything you need your audience to see is crystal clear.

With larger events, we can create multiple stages, set design to enclose an environment and include LED screens to lead the audience around the stages and the products on show.

As you work closely with your launch event project manager, you’ll be able to use their experience to get exactly the stage and backdrop that works best for you and your launch. They will recommend the best solution and answer all your questions while working with our experienced set building team to get the best effect for your launch event.

Capture your product launch on film with video production, event filming and livestreaming

Video is an essential part of any product launch, and we have a range of video production, event filming, webcasting and livestreaming solutions to complement your product launch event.

Using video successfully can transform your event. With hundreds of hours of event filming experience under our belts, we can offer;

Live streaming across all platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo
Video relays throughout a venue
Promo videos, including social media video for pre and post-event use
Sting videos for use during the event

Our highly-experienced team of camera operators, vision mixers and editors can help you to reach a global audience, not only on the day of the event but before and after too.

From a small event presenting to an audience of 50 people, we can create a video to be used to showcase both the product and the event itself, and to advertise future events.

On a larger scale, we can host live streaming of your product launch event so you don’t just connect with the audience in the room, you have a global reach either to an invited password protected hosted area or to anyone via whichever platform fits you best.

Our event production managers and AV team can organize single camera shoots, or multi-camera vision mixing dependent on the size of the launch and your chosen venue. We can also edit the footage shot on the day for you to use after the event to maintain the exposure of the product launch, both on social media or by direct marketing.

We can also create promo videos to advertise the launch for use prior to the event.

We always ensure that we work carefully with your creative brief and in collaboration with you. The result is on-brand videos which perfectly capture everything you need to maximize your launch event.

Whatever the nature, size and location of your product launch, we take the time to understand all of your requirements, including any special or unusual requests you or the venue may have. In the build-up and during the event we know which questions to ask and what to do to get the results you expect.

All defined event production project managers and AV technicians have extensive product launch event experience. Our team is not only highly qualified, but we also sign NDAs to cover all our events. designed event production has complete insurance for your peace of mind, plus we always try to have one member of each crew having recently completed first aid training.

Our skilled product event launch team is always:

Highly motivated
Health and safety trained
Fully insured
Problem solvers

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