Sound Design & Reinforcement

Sound brings your event to life, from award dinner dynamics through to an important keynote speech, we will ensure that you achieve the correct tone and balance

The sound may seem to be one of the most straightforward elements of planning your event. At first glance, all you seem to need is some microphones, a PA and some speakers and everything will be fine. Decades as one of the country’s top sound equipment companies means we know first-hand that is very rarely the case. In fact, even the most outwardly simple parts can be the most complicated. Ensuring that everyone at your event gets the best sound level, wherever they are in the venue, requires professional sound equipment hire and professional AV services to pull off.

A sound reinforcement system is built from a combination of microphones, amplifiers, mixing desks, PAs, loudspeakers and an experienced sound and audio technician. Their experience can make the audio-visual equipment hire package not just work but give clarity and definition to what otherwise could be a flat audio experience.

At any event, you need to ensure that your audience can hear your speakers clearly, and not be struggling to hear nor overwhelmed by the sound being distorted due to being too loud or badly mixed.

Our team of project managers and sound technicians will work with you to design a bespoke solution, aligned with your vision for the event and its environment.

If you have an event coming up, why not contact us to find out why we’re one of the UK’s leading sound reinforcement companies?

Working with designed. event production

When working with the designed event production, you can rest assured that our experience and pool of knowledge will enhance, create dynamics and give clarity to the soundscape for your event.

We pride ourselves on being one of the top sound equipment companies in the country, meaning sound is always one of our key starting points. Before finalising your audio, visual equipment hire, we will work with you to discuss how you need the sound at your event to work for you.

You may have a large venue that will be split into smaller areas for example – which means ensuring that sound from one area does not bleed into another. We often provide sound equipment hire for evening dinner dances, and this is a perfect example of the importance of ensuring that everyone taking part gets what they want and need from the experience. For example, one area of a dinner dance is occupied by a DJ or disco complete with lots of dynamics and bass. On the other side of the room, however, are comfy sofas for people to sit and chat. We can fuse these two seemingly contrasting spaces and needs to create a harmonious and enjoyable environment, so everyone can enjoy their evening, hit the dance floor when they want to but not have to shout to be heard over the music at other times.

designed event productions’ audiovisual equipment hire service caters for any size and style of venue. We conduct site visits following initial conversations – this helps us to fully assess the venue from an AV perspective. We use the visit to identify any potential problem areas such as alcoves, large pillars and other items that break up the flow and movement of the sound.

We’ll also work with you to determine what size and type of sound equipment hire your event demands and how and where the speakers should be placed for optimal sound quality. As you’d expect, we’ll also consider the look and feel of the event throughout this process.

Our audiovisual equipment hire service is comprehensive and our equipment inventory can cater to any location and variable that might develop through the design of the event.

We have wireless speakers for example which means we can carry the sound safely to outer rooms without the need for wires to be laid and potentially cause tripping hazards.

Not only is where the sound comes from a key consideration, but we’ll also identify how and what you need to reinforce and amplify that sound. We know that many people have a preference on how they like to deliver their speeches, and we can work with you and your key speakers to find the best solution, from headset microphones to lectern based mics. If you have a panel of guests or speakers on stage and you want them to be free from holding a microphone we can give everyone wireless lapel mics and switch between each person as and when necessary.

Our flexibility and experience give you the freedom to create the most ideal and comfortable setting for your speakers. We can additionally supply roaming wireless mics for Q&As in the audience, again with our audio technician ensuring even flow of conversation and sound from the audience and stage.

All of our sound and AV solutions have full pre-production support along with experienced onsite technical support to ensure the smooth running of the event.

The designed event production AV services difference

Our experienced, capable team is here to take your ideas from initial concept through to event reality. We have built our reputation as one of the country’s leading sound reinforcement companies on creativity, professionalism and design prowess.

Whatever the size or location of your event, it’s our mission to design and deliver practical yet creative solutions. We’re also on hand on the day to unpick any issues before you walk on stage or open your event.

With over 35 years working in contemporary event production, our team brings a wealth of first-hand experience and creative and curious approach to every job, whatever its size, shape or type.

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that from design, through to audiovisual equipment hire, on the day set-up and technical support, we can handle every aspect of your AV needs.

Working with us means you have a trusted partner, working with you on everything from planning and event production as you begin your project right through to event PA hire and live event video production on the day itself.

We are here to enhance your attendees’ event experience, by embracing new technologies and working with premium equipment, from manufacturers we know and trust. We continue to seek out new technologies and developments to elevate our audio-visual capabilities and audiovisual equipment hire service, regardless of your event size.

We can and will recommend solutions that you may not have thought possible or considered. Our knowledge and experience will empower you to develop your event and your level of expectation.

Event audio hire and other event production services

designed event production’s complete AV event production service includes a wide range of specialist solutions, perfect for any size or style of event. Our event production services team will work with you at every stage and can advise on all aspects of your AV requirements including sound equipment hire, projection and screen hire, lighting hire and video production.

Audience feedback in real-time

If you want to engage your guests more and help them feel as if they have an influence and their opinion counts, get them involved at your event with an audience response system.

Atmospheric and practical lighting

The designed event production lighting design and production services give you everything you need to set the scene and create the right ambience throughout the venue. We offer a host of ancillary services such as rigging, control desks and lighting hire, all with our highly skilled AV technician and managers.

A good display

Clarity of sound must be matched with the visual impression. We have video walls, displays and video projectors that will suit any location and layout. As with all our services our display options are available throughout the UK and Europe.

Reach your complete audience with event filming

You cannot always reach your complete audience at an event, but designed event production provides live event filming and livestreaming for any size or location of the event as part of our audiovisual equipment hire service.

On-screen content production

On-screen content is often key to bring together all the information you want to share with your guests. Ask your project manager for more information.

Video production before, during and after your event

Our in house video production service can provide different options for how you present yourselves to your audience, from pre-recorded presentations to infographics. We can ease the pressure on your speakers and enable people who would be unable to take part on the day to take part either by livestreaming or by producing a video of them prior to the event. We have our own studio facilities on-site, plus edit suites, and a full range of cutting edge technology to support our creative ideas and vision.

Set and stage, giving your event a platform

When you’re up on stage you need to know that you can be seen as well as be heard. Working in combination with sound, lighting and projection, we will create the stage and set that will complete the full experience for your event.

We can also source any stage furniture that is needed, and keep this in mind when designing the set.

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