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Set the scene for your event by creating immersive stage and set design, simple to an environment with video walls with multiple stages, we have the experience

designed event production is the natural choice for your stage hire needs.

Your event could be intended to showcase your newest product or be designed to share key information with your most important shareholders. The question is, how do you convey your most important messages in a way that everyone in the venue can see?

Portable stage hire is the obvious first step. Years of experience working at conferences, concerts and other events means we know there is much more to it. Creating your stage is more than simply providing a platform to stand on, it sets a position which the whole event will work from, and be focused on.

Whatever stage hire option you go for, it forms the nucleus of your whole event.

From the stage, you design and build your complete set. This gives you the perfect setting from which to showcase, share, discuss and speak to your audience.

At designed event production, we design and build sets and stages for a wide range of events covering everything from indoor stage hire for product launches, large conferences and award ceremonies to concert stage hire for festivals and music events. Whatever the occasion, we can design and provide the perfect stage for your event to run from.

Creating the right stage and set for your event is key. It creates an impression instantly and sets the tone, yet it also needs to be practical and facilitate the smooth running of your event.

We will work with you to devise a plan from your initial ideas and complete a site visit with you and the team at the venue. Not only will we have a clearer view of not only how the set and stage will frame your event, but the logistics of it too. We can then determine what the right portable stage hire option for you is based on considerations such as size, structure and how it will fit in the available space. We can create 3D visualisations to help you and your team understand how it will work and what the best options are.

While designing the set and stage, we work within health and safety regulations and always complete full risk assessments for all eventualities. Keeping these in mind, we know that not only will we create a great experience for you and your event guests, but we are ensuring a safe, secure environment for your event and team to work in.

Our team of project managers, stage designers and set builders will work with you to create a unique solution, in keeping with your vision for the event and the environment of the venue.

If you have an event coming up, why not contact us to find out why we’re one of the leading set and stage creators and find out more about our stage hire solutions?

Working with designed event production and our stage hire services team

When you engage with designed event production to hire a stage, you’ll receive expert guidance from our team of uniquely experienced project managers and AV technicians. Our years of knowledge and expertise will add more to your event plus give your set and stage design the attention to detail that it needs.

We use our expertise to bring your event to life and regardless of whether you need a small portable indoor stage hire or large concert stage hire for an event for thousands of people, we’ll work with you to develop your ideas, inspire creativity and deliver a best-in-class solution.

The service we provide goes beyond what you would expect of most AV hire and production companies. At designed event production we look to exceed your expectations every time and deliver the event that fulfils your ideas while coming in on time and on budget.

When planning your event, there’s a lot of things to keep in mind. Tackling your stage hire first gives you a base to work from – your set design naturally leads from that especially if you have a theme and the whole event can be developed harmoniously. Our project managers can help you understand what is possible during our first conversations, including using the previous experience of venues and similar events.

Our next step is to complete a site visit, with you if possible, confirming the area and space we are going to be working in. During a site visit, we will gain a better insight into what parts of the stage and set can be built in advance, what needs to be built on-site and the space we need to complete this. Something that can easily be forgotten is the space that it takes to build rather than the finished space that the set fills. Another consideration for the set and stage design and build is access to the area the event will be held in, this includes access from the road to the venue, stairs and lifts and tight areas that panels might have to be moved through. We complete a walk-through to ensure that we see any issues that might affect our access.

Once we have the ideas, the site information, plus dimensions we will work to design a stage and provide a set that will complement your ideas, budget and theme. We will also include the specific AV requirements, such as LED walls, projection screens or large format displays that will form part of the set.

Once the design is signed off and stage set hire agreed, we can start the production and build of the set. The style and venue will dictate how the set is constructed. We can produce much of it prior to the event and bring it all together for the event, or we can use design structures that allow for the whole set to be built on-site.

Once the set is built and contains the stage area, we can add the extra elements, such as stage furniture, additional lighting, cue monitors for speeches and much more.
With the event running the set area can be changed if required, but we will always need to plan this into the original design and allow time for changes to take place during the event. We aim to give you flexibility in your event and enable you to make the most of the space you are using.

While the event running the set form the hub of the focus for your attendees, and we ensure that this works successfully for you from the start to the end of the event life.

What makes our temporary stage hire services different?

When you hire a stage from designed event production, you don’t just get the stage deck hire or the set build.
Our experienced, capable team is here to take your ideas from initial concept through to event reality with extensive experience and expertise of event AV design and production.

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that from design, through to audiovisual equipment, temporary stage hire and event filming, to set-up and technical support on the day, we can handle every aspect of your AV needs whatever the size of your event.

We have built our reputation as one of the country’s leading stage hire, AV and event production companies on our creativity, professionalism and design prowess.

Whatever the size or location of your event, it’s our mission to design and deliver practical yet creative solutions. We’re also on hand on the day to unpick any issues before you walk on stage or open your event.

With over 35 years working in contemporary event production, our team brings a wealth of first-hand experience, whatever its size, shape or type and regardless of its location in the UK or mainland Europe. Working with us means you have a trusted partner, working with you on everything from planning and event production as you begin your project right through to event PA hire and live event video production on the day itself.

We can and will recommend solutions that you may not have thought possible or considered. Our knowledge and experience will empower you to develop your event and your level of expectation.

Event audio hire and other event production services

designed event production doesn’t just give you an affordable stage hire cost. We also deliver complete AV event production services across a wide range of specialist solutions, perfect for any size or style of event. Our event production services team will work with you at every step and can advise on all aspects of your AV requirements including sound equipment hire, projection and screen hire, lighting hire and video production.

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