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With designed. you have access to high-quality video production experts, innovators in live event filming and livestreaming alongside out great AV production

As a leading corporate video production company, designed event production has its own seasoned, in-house video production team and years of video production expertise. This means we know exactly what it takes to bring your vision to life, whatever the size and nature of your event.

Our video production team understands the importance of getting your audience on board before the speaker steps on stage. We know that you need to tease the event and you need people to share their excitement about your event. We also know that there is no easier way than using video to do just that. Handled properly by a skilled video production company, video production and event filming or livestreaming bring your event to life before, during and after the main event.

What can a creative video production company bring to the table?

The video should be considered a major component for any event, whether you’re holding an awards dinner, conference or product launch.

Whether you’re searching for a video production company to offer live streaming and webcasting or simply need creative and technical input for a series of standalone pre-event videos, event filming, and post-event summary videos, designed event production is the natural and only choice. Our technical expertise, cutting-edge equipment, experienced team and creative know-how gives you every element you need to fully maximise your event content.

designed event production is not only one of the UK’s leading event production companies, but we also have a dedicated video production team available for all the events we work on. This means that when you commission us, a trusted, proven and capable video production team are at your disposal every step of the way. We’ll ensure that all of your event’s AV elements work seamlessly, have the continuity to make the most of the video we create and produce and how it interacts with every other element within the event.

Working with the designed event production video production team

Thanks to years of video production experience and unparalleled technical experience, versatility and flexibility, we can advise, create and deliver the very best in video production services. We’ll work within your brand or event guidelines, with a collaborative and creative approach to bring your vision to life and exceed your expectations.

By choosing designed event production to act as your event and corporate video production company, you’re guaranteed complete peace of mind thanks to superb project management, plus the creativity of professional video makers and designers.

Our specialised video production team brings together a range of different skills and services. We combine this to build interest, better reach your audience and create engagement during and after the event.

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Creative solutions from a top video production company


Years of frontline experience means that we never underestimate the role of planning when creating event videos. The pre-production phase makes a crucial difference in your finished videos. This process also enables everyone involved to make the most of the time available and create the best possible videos to support each stage of your event.

We’ll take time to understand your goals and aims and use this insight to unlock the focus of your videos. Our video production team will listen to your ideas, work with you to clarify and refine your brief. We’ll provide guidance and recommendations for the best video solutions to fit your needs.

We’ll also work with you to determine budget if needed, consider whether animation or motion graphics will work better for you, determine if a series of interview-based videos would suit your event and then brand the eventual choice.

As you would expect from a leading corporate and commercial video production company, our knowledge runs deep, with over 35 years of experience in directing and producing event videos. Event videos are different to standard corporate videos, but our expertise spans this specialist area too and we’re on hand to create publicity videos for the event, deliver countdown and opening videos (especially popular for conferences) and handle on-site edited videos for multi-day events.

At the end of the event, we can create closing videos that either reaffirm the opening video or can be created using highlights from the event itself.

By using new technology you can work in tandem with one of our video editors, be able to sit with them and give feedback while they edit during an event. Working in this way we can publish finished videos within 5 minutes of a keynote speaker completing their speech on stage, it can then be shared socially, played within the event venue and added to a closing video if required.

We can also produce more traditional post-event summaries, including overall event summaries, keynote speeches, workshops, delegate or guest feedback interviews. These would be planned into the event agenda with us ensuring that we can capture all the content that is required to produce the final videos.

Our team consists of highly skilled event and video production professionals, including camera operators, vision mixers, drone operators, video editors and director/producers. With years of knowledge and experience, we are skilled problem solvers, able to deal with any issue a live event may throw up.

The designed event production video solution

As a highly regarded AV production company with an award-winning video production team we are always ready for new projects, we also know that no two projects are the same, and we always look at each video from a fresh perspective.

By choosing designed event production’s video production services, you can do so safe in the knowledge that our experience and knowledge will always deliver the best creative solution, on time and on budget

With both creative and technical skills, we’re able to solve issues practically that may arise during filming during your event, with many events, there are last-minute changes in which other elements including video have to fit into.

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