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Visually stimulating your audience is critical to a successful event, create a dynamic display with video walls, image blend projection and large format screens

Holding your audience’s attention, whether you’re holding a multi-day conference or an evening launch event can be a challenge but is critical to the success of your event. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using high-quality displays, video projection and the best quality screen hire.


From large and bright projection and screen hire through to bespoke and unique LED walls, working with designed event production gives you access to a wide-ranging of solutions perfectly tailored to you and your event.

We know that your audience is key to making your event a success. If they are unable to clearly see what the key speaker is discussing or sharing they will soon lose interest in the subject and become distracted. A clear and considered view is vital to maximising their interest, using your visuals to stimulate them and leave the event with your key messages clearly etched in their mind.

We understand that when you first begin to look into a video projector system or think about the type of LED screen you might need, the options can seem overwhelming. We’ll take away that uncertainty and work with you in a logical manner from the first contact through to the day of the event itself. We’ll use your input, vision and objectives along with our experience and expertise to maximise the end experience while keeping to budget and brief.

Our team of project managers and AV technicians will work with you to design a video projection system and accompanying display hire to fit your event, aligned with your vision and the environment in which it will be used.

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Working with the designed event production video projection team

When you work with us on a video projection system for your event, the designed event production team is at your disposal. We’ll bring years of experience and expertise to the table, providing clear direction on the practicalities of your video projection needs while also helping you to develop your ideas and create a visual treat for your audience that they won’t soon forget.

We are proud of our position in the AV event industry. We’re a top-rated screen hire and professional video projector hire because we choose to work only with manufacturers and suppliers of high-end projectors, screens and displays. This commitment enables us to supply the very best to all our clients, across the UK and Europe, regardless of the size or nature of the event.
We work with our suppliers to access specialised equipment for unusual requirements, and will always aim to find a viable solution to even the most complicated of visual problems.

Our systems can take a variety of inputs, mixing all forms of digital media, including live streaming video, social media feeds, presentations, pre-recorded video. At the other end of the scale, we can also provide high-quality display hire with an LED screen that will simply be used as digital signage and to share key information.

We can offer solutions to create amazing visuals in small spaces using short throw lenses with rear projection screens, enabling large-scale projection with clarity in tight spaces. Our specialist technicians can provide additional skills for edge blending, pixel mapping and 3D projection when you need them to add additional visual magic for your event.

The majority of our projectors are 10k, all HD quality and depending on the environment of the location and venue, we can bring in projectors up to 30k lumens. Using digital mixers, scalers and switchers we can also create bespoke effects for your event, ensuring a unique experience for everyone involved.

Whatever the theme or the unique demands of your event, our video projection and wider AV team always draw on our wealth of experience to ensure that the equipment used matches the requirements of your brief, your audience and your venue.

From brief to event success

Our project managers will organise a site visit following initial conversations about your event. This visit enables us to assess the venue and location from an AV hire perspective and helps to identify potential issues such as blocked views due to the architecture of the environment. It can also help us provide potentially better solutions or suggest different options that without a site visit might be missed. Our professional video projector hire and display hire service cater for any size and style of venue, and with the information from the site visit, we can create a complete outline of our solution options for your event.

We can also determine if additional displays are needed in the venue to relay the visuals throughout the venue. We never forget how important the look and feel of the event is to you and your audience, and we will always consider this when planning the best way of communicating your visuals via the best method.

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