Fashion show production that puts your designs centre stage

When you want your clothes to own the catwalk, you need fashion show production by designed event production. Our extensive experience and meticulous planning process will ensure that whatever style, format and venue you choose for your fashion show, you’ll have the perfect showcase from which your clothing and models will shine.

When you commission designed event production as your fashion show production company, we’ll deploy a fully collaborative approach. Our technical services team will listen to your ideas, visit your venue and work with you to bring your vision to life and create the exact experience that you want to share with your guests.

We understand the pressure that producing such an event can bring but, with experienced fashion show audio visual crew and talented event production designers on staff, we’re there to mitigate any problems. We’ve worked in many different venues, ranging from brand new hotels to a beautiful old country house with no roof, so we’re well versed in the challenges of different spaces and the need to elevate any venue to bring your concept to life.

Fashion show and event planning services

Your catwalk and stage is the main feature of your event. Whatever your brand’s design aesthetic, it must showcase everything you need your guests to experience, and be the perfect backdrop and representation for you and your products.

Taking your ideas and vision, we will design and build the catwalk you need in line with the venue itself – what’s more, having successfully offered fashion show and event planning services for several years, we understand the importance of allowing your models and your clothes to be the main focus.

Catwalks don’t need to be limited to the traditional long, straight runway. We’ll use our years of fashion show audio visual experience, event and technical services know how – not to mention our creative design prowess – to create catwalk that wows your guests and grabs column inches. We can create various shapes, different heights and a mixture of the two, to build a catwalk that is unique and eye-catching, especially in an unusual venue where you might want to use elements such as sweeping staircases or the nave of a church.

Working with a fashion show production company

We believe that the catwalk is not just a piece of set design or staging that sits alone, it needs to be a part of your large set and stage, and we will ensure that the flow is seamless between all elements of the show. This ranges from considering elements such as the finish of the catwalk and the use of complementary or clashing colours, to how it feeds into the backstage area where you will be constantly prepping each new group of models to walk the runway.

The set needs to fit in with your theme and brand and needs to not distract from the clothing and products that will be modelled. We’ll call on our fashion show production and AV experience to offer trusted guidance on the best way to enhance and not distract.

With your set, stage and catwalk in place, you can now bring it to life with lighting design and production.

Expert fashion show audio visual

Lighting a fashion show brings its own unique challenges, having a catwalk coming out into your audience and needing it lit well while not blinding or obstructing the audience is just one of the elements we will consider while designing the lighting for your show.

Another consideration is to ensure your models are showcased with lighting that is suitable for photography but also creates an atmosphere for your guests to engage with. With these challenges, we then factor in the venue design and layout and ensure that we make the best use of the whole environment using the lighting we bring in while managing any ambient lighting too.

You may also need to relay the action on the catwalk to other areas of the venue or have screens within the set design, including LED walls and rear projection. Our fashion show audio visual expertise can bring this to life effortlessly for you with the latest video projection and displays technology.

As with many live events, using our award-winning live streaming service for your fashion show can help you extend the reach and impact of your show to a much wider audience. We fuse experience and expertise to design a set which includes big screens, and we can plan configurations for camera areas, relays and streaming throughout the venue.

With lighting and visuals in place, we add another level of sensory stimulation with audio, delivered by our audio visual technical services department. Music is a key element of any fashion show; it sets the scene, builds an atmosphere complementary to your collection and allows you to weave a soundtrack around the events on stage.

We can design a soundscape which will work in your venue following our site visit. We can also make recommendations such as if you need introductions from a host, and ensure that they are heard as clearly as the music in the venue thanks to sound reinforcement. We’ll always use the best solution for microphones, from using handhelds to providing headsets.

Our fashion show AV project managers and technicians will advise, support and use their considerable experience to assist you and enable you to maximize your show. This includes all pre-production, rehearsal time and of course the show itself.

To find out more about working with the designed event production fashion show production team, get in touch today.

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