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Use livestreaming, webcasts and live event filming to transform your event from the 'people in the room' experience to a globally viewed event

Your next event is booked in, but you already know that the association that the event is being run for will only have 15% of their members able to attend and take part. How do you reach the other 75% without creating a bigger event or hosting several events in multiple locations?

Our live event filming and live event webcasting solutions are the answer.

designed event production is one of the UK’s leading webcasting companies. We can help you harness the power of video, via live event filming and live streaming, to take your event to the next level of accessibility and inclusivity. Not only will those not able to be physically present find it quick, easy and convenient to connect with your event, you can also open it up globally, and enable live links to traditional broadcast and extended digital media.

We’re the natural choice when you’re searching for a live event filming company, our extensive technical experience delivers versatility and flexibility. We can work on whatever platform best suits your event, audience, location, budget and the end-user. What’s more, our live event filming hire and live event webcasting services are totally tailored to you. We create bespoke cost-effective solutions, carefully aligned with your event, audience and goals.

By choosing designed event production to act as your event production and technical AV production partner, you’re guaranteed complete peace of mind thanks to superb project management by an experienced team, cutting-edge thinking and the very latest in AV and livestreaming technology.

Having a specialised video production department with years of experience, we bring together a range of different skills and services to create the event as you need it and to reach your complete audience.

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The designed event production ethos for live streaming

A top-rated live event webcasting company, we know that no two clients expect the same of a livestream solution.

We take time to listen to your goals and assess, design and feedback on the appropriate options and costs. We’ll always offer several solutions and we’ll work with you and your budget to find the best route.

When you choose designed event production’s live event filming hire services, you can do so safe in the knowledge that we will deliver a bespoke system with innovation at the heart of every element. Because we don’t supply fixed solutions and know that each event has its own unique needs, we’ll consider both technical and practical elements to ensure your live event filming and streaming serves your requirements at every step.

Our team consists of highly skilled event production professionals with years of firsthand filming, webcasting and streaming experience. They are skilled problem solvers, able to deal with any issue a live event may throw up.

As a bespoke live event filming company, we can stream your event to one person, or to thousands of people globally, and we will always consider what you already have in place. We can take your content, and mix it in with multiple cameras feeds and package it for multiple channels.

Creating the solution with our fields of expertise

designed event production’s full-service AV event production encompasses a wide range of specialist solutions including livestreaming, perfect for any size or style of event.

Our event production services team will work with you at every stage and can advise on all aspects of your AV requirements, whatever the size of your event.

Sound production

Our sound production and reinforcement services are key to ensuring that not only can your remote viewers enjoy the best possible experience, but that the attendees at the event enjoy and can clearly hear what’s happening on stage and beyond. Our sound department covers large scale PA system solutions through to single microphones and wireless PA systems to communicate with all your guests. Your project manager can recommend the most suitable option or contact us to find out more.

Stage and atmospheric lighting

Setting the scene using lighting design and production services ensures that we have everything in place for both for the viewers at the event and for those watching remotely via your live stream or webcast. Offering lighting design for the stage and throughout the venue, we can create a lighting theme alongside a host of ancillary services such as rigging, control desks and lighting hire, all with our highly skilled AV technician and managers.

Video relay screens and displays

With livestreaming plus sharing pre-prepared video content within an event, we can ensure that whatever the size or type of venue your event is taking place in, we have a display and video projector solutions that will suit the location. We’ll also take into account the number of guests, all available throughout the UK and Europe.

On-screen content creation

Not only will you want to share video on the screens throughout your event and online, but you will also want to include presentations and additional information on your keynote speakers, stats, feedback and more. We help you make the most of your onscreen content and advise and help you keep your event on brand. Contact us to find out more.

Video production

As you’d expect when providing live event streaming London and beyond, our job begins before the event itself. Prior to the event, we can create branded video content for you thanks to our in-house video production service. In addition to offering creative production skills, we can also give you access to our soundproof green screen studio and editing suites, and create a single or series of video to use during and after your event.

Staging, and the full set experience

As a full-service event production agency, we offer staging hire, set and production design along with auxiliary equipment hire for all manner of events, from festivals to conferences. We can help maximize your guest experience and enhance the event with stylish but practical stage design.

Power distribution

Within our event production services, we make sure that you only get plunged into darkness for dramatic effect rather than an unforeseen power cut.

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