Experienced AV system design to elevate your next event

Designed event production is uniquely experienced in the art of AV system design and we’re here to support your venue with a range of specialist venue audiovisual services. We’ll tailor our approach to suit your space, and deliver expert AV system design regardless of the size of your venue, its style or location.

Working with a trusted AV supplier enables you to offer a comprehensive range of audio visual services at set rates. This not only makes your life easier, but enables cost savings and event production benefits which you can pass on to your clients.

Our venue AV service is just that if need be – full service. Working as your venue audiovisual services provider, we’ll undertake all aspects of the AV function including attending production meetings, handling client briefings, listening to their needs and bringing their visions to life, all while being mindful of both the advantages and restrictions of your venue.

Coupling our technical prowess and insight with the possibilities afforded by your venue, we’ll develop solutions which fit your clients’ needs and free up your time to offer a wider variety of event solutions to a larger range of prospective clients.

Delivering venue audiovisual services in tandem with your team

If you have your own in-house AV technicians, we can supply much of our AV equipment as dry hire. We can give additional training as and when required for new equipment and make recommendations to integrate our equipment with your own in-house AV solutions. We can also make recommendations for specific events, if you need additional or larger capacity equipment. In short, we are here to make your AV work best for you.

By keeping all the financials within your control and your event managers fully informed, you can have confidence that your venue will always be able to deliver the events it needs, when it needs to do so.

Combining venue audiovisual services with lighting solutions

We know that many venues will have a basic lighting system and rig in place which is suitable for general needs. When you book an event with higher production values, we can step in with additional lighting equipment and provide technicians to run the lighting rig for you during the event.

While adding to your standard rig, we can introduce uplighters and other lighting effects to create atmosphere using equipment which would not normally available at your venue. Our lighting design and production page has more details about this part of our service along with further information about equipment and previous projects.

Delivering flawless sound as standard

If you manage a multi-room venue you may only have sufficient sound and PA equipment to run one room at a time. During some events, you’ll find that you will need sound in multiple rooms. Our range of wired and wireless PAs can assist you with this. You may also need to increase the number of speakers in a room to reach a larger audience and be heard over the hum of the guests. We can provide different sound solutions to extend and develop your existing system as needed, all as part of our wider venue AV service provision. Visit our dedicated sound design and reinforcement page to find out more or contact us to discuss your needs.


Whether you have a traditional built-in stage or have little space to store staging when not in use and therefore don’t have a stage at all, we can add, extend or develop staging and set solutions for your venue in tandem with your venue AV system design.

In addition to creating the stage, we can add in a set and backdrop and create the whole environment for your client’s event from the sound up.

Our stages are suitable for use in venues large and small and start from 1-metre square to any size you can imagine plus in a range of heights and configurations.

Live Streaming

Our award-winning live streaming solution can bring your next client event to life and better communicate your client’s aims and objectives to a wider audience on the day. Live streaming can make an event more cost-effective and doesn’t need to become a headache for your venue. We’ll work closely with your client and your wider team to take the brief and then develop an effective solution aligned precisely with your venue and your client’s event. If you like to have a chat with us about how we can make live streaming work best for you, you can find out more on our dedicated event filming and live streaming page.

Voting Response Systems

Getting feedback from the audience is becoming more and more important for many events, but to keep ahead of technology and keep your costs down it is far more practical to only hire in a voting response system as and when you need it. As your venue AV partner, we can put our experience and knowledge to work for you, providing superb quality equipment to collect feedback while ensuring the audience remains engaged with the event as it progresses. Find out more about our audience response systems on our dedicated services page or get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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