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Author: Buz Ross   |   Date: 25th March 2019

We like to offer support for charities when and where we have availability, this past weekend we were able to support an event close to Buz Ross, the MD of the Whitwam Group. He donated his time and experience to transform his local village hall into an event to remember for the guests and enabled the organisers to raise vital funds too.

The village hall might be smaller than venues we usually work in, but the aim of the organisers was the same as any event. Make the guests experience the ‘WOW’ factor, and feel immersed in the theme.

By giving his expertise to this event,  the guests felt more immersed in the theme – 1940s English wartime period. He designed the production with lightingslide contentvideo clips and musical styles. This created an experience that allowed the guests to appreciate the full value of the ticket costs and the organisers to achieve further donations.

designed. event production can’t offer free events as standard, but we can add production values, a sense of wow and create a higher level of engagement. By doing this, we enable you to run a great event and build a solid base and reputation for future events.

As part of the Whitwam Group, designed. event production and all our team members understand the importance and the responsibility we have collectively to improve our community, both locally and nationally. By offering support and advice, we enhance the community, the source of future employees and clients. Building relationships by giving support is an essential foundation stone on which companies and communities flourish.

Buz always leads by example; everyone within the group has a can-do attitude. We encourage our teams to reach their full potential, but we also aim to enable all the people we work with to do so too. If you’d like to find out more about how we can transform your venue and engage your guest, please get in touch.

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