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The designed. team are currently at the PSAEW Conference 2017, and this year we’re live streaming via Twitter.

Author: Buz Ross   |   Date: 5th September 2017

We’re into the second day of the PSAEW Conference, and as in previous years we’re streaming the addresses and presentations live, this year we’re using Twitter as the channel to do this rather than YouTube.

The PSAEW know that the majority of their members use Twitter, and so it was a natural choice to use Twitter as the vehicle for the live streaming.

After the end of each day, the live streams are archived to YouTube for reference and to be watched by people unable to watch live, for media use, or for reference for association members who attended the event. You can see their channel on YouTube 

We feel that more than ever before live streaming your event is crucial. People don’t want to wait until after the event, they want to feel part of it if they can’t attend in person or to share at the time of the event with people they feel will be interested.

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